You can easily reserve your mulch online for your landscaping projects and either pick them up at your convenience or arrange for delivery without sacrificing the value of individualized customer service that has made Suburban Lawn & Garden your destination for all your landscaping needs for more than 50 years.

Whether you need 2 bags or 2 dump truck loads, we will be there to guide and assist you through all of your landscaping endeavors.


Created from 100% Eastern Red Cedar (no fillers). The same wood as cedar chests and cedar closets, this mulch will provide insect protection for a limited time. You will love its aroma and golden color.


This a light colored mulch made from premium cypress wood. It will provide some insect protection for a limited time. Environmental issues and transport costs affect this mulch. Not available in bulk.

Dakota Black Mulch

A blend of double ground wood, which has been color enhanced to a rich charcoal black.

Double Ground Hardwood

A very popular mulch. Naturally dark brown in color, double ground from hardwood trees such as oak.


Environmentally conscious people prefer this mulch which is recycled from tree limbs of mixed wood. Color is light brown.

Java Brown Mulch™

A blend of double ground wood, which has been color enhanced to a deep coffee brown.

Pine Bark Nuggets

A perfect blend of small to large nuggets which hold moisture extremely well. This product will float and is not recommended for hills or slopes. Presents well and can be mixed with Pine Bark Soil Conditioner as added interest/texture.

Pine Bark Soil Conditioner

Fine chips of pine bark. Excellent for amending soil, planting, or mulching. This product is especially good for mulching around annuals and perennials.

Playground Chips

Perfect for play areas, these chips have been cut from oak heartwood.

Sedona Red Mulch

A blend of double ground wood, which has been color enhanced to a natural looking red.

Special Dark

Made from super-premium 100% oak chips, this mulch is easy to spread, very consistent in its fine-texture, and long lasting. It is enhanced with the same eco-friendly colorant we use to make our popular Java Brown Mulch.

Western Bark Chips

Classic-looking addition to any landscape area. Available in Small, Medium or Large sized pieces.