Located at 139th & Wyandotte in south Kansas City, the SL&G Yardwaste and Recycling Center processes a million pounds of organic material every year to make great mulch and soil amendments. We carefully monitor the composting process each step of the way. First, the organic materials are double ground in a1000 horse power HOGZILLA tub grinder.

Next we blend the wastes together to achieve the ideal carbon to nitrogen ratio. Once properly blended, the material is hauled to fields where it is laid out in wind rows so it can be turned and watered. We monitor temperature and nutrient levels and make certain the organics go through the four stages of the decomposition process. Finally, the finished product is screened to remove any particles larger than 3/8 of an inch.

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139th and Wyandotte
Kansas City, MO

Phone: 816 941-2438


  • Shrubs
  • Sawdust
  • Wood Chips
  • Lumber–(Untreated)
  • Limbs
  • Christmas Trees
  • Straw & Hay
  • Grass Clippings
  • Garden Waste
  • Leaves
  • Brush
  • Dirt


March 14 – Nov. 1
M-F 7:30-6
Sat. 8-5
Sun. 10-5

Nov. 2 – Nov. 30
M-Sat. 8-5
Sun. 10-5

Dec. 1 – March 13
M-F 8-5
weather permitting
Closed Saturday & Sunday