Pruning in KC

The rules about timing for shrub pruning will vary from state to state. The main reason is because temperatures and other environmental factors play a role in the development, growth habit and overall stability of all plants. In particular, the stress level of a kempt shrub should be taken into consideration prior to causing it that great deal of injury. By injury, of course, I Raffaello_Sorbi_Pruning_the_rosesmean regular pruning. In essence, and according to the plant, that is exactly what it is…an injury. The reason this is an important fact to understand is because plants expend quite a bit of energy to repair their wounds as fast as they can. An open wound is an invitation for insects and diseases.

Keeping this in mind, the WORST times to trim are:

when the shrub is blooming, when the shrub is stressed, when the shrub is setting Spring flower buds and when the shrub is beginning to store energy for the long winter “nap”.

When can you prune which shrub? It is easy to decide, IF you keep the Pruning Schedule handy. This schedule is for the Kansas City area.
Please pay attention to the specific notations for many of the plants, as well. If you have questions, please email me, I would be happy to help!
Happy pruning and Happy Summer!

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The Garden that is Finished is Dead

Help with Hydrangeas

Gorgeous Hydrangeas! Who doesn’t love them? Some varieties thrive in the shade and some appreciate full sun. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, too. There truly is a Hydrangea for everyone! My head spins at the number of the breathtaking varieties we offer…the hoop house is overflowing. Visit soon for the best selection.

Once your new show-stoppers have had time to settle in, it is time to start thinking about the pruning care that they will need in order to to receive maximum bloom heads. Be sure to save the tag because, similar to Clematis, Hydrangea care depends on which species or variety you have.

I will break it down for you as simply as I can. 

FIRST there are those which bloom on OLD WOOD (last year’s growth). If this type is pruned or cut down after the beginning of August, buds will not set for the following year and you will be very disappointed. Hydrangea species that will generally fall into this group are H. macrophylla (Bigleaf Mopheads or Lacecaps) and H. quercifolia (Oakleaf). There are a few in the Bigleaf group which bloom on new AND old wood, but it is better to treat them as old wood exclusives.

When pruning the Bigleaf and Oakleaf types (like Gatsby Gal™ pictured to the right) in the Spring, remove DEAD stems ONLY. This will be done after the plant has begun to leaf out and the dead stems are obvious. Generally, this group will bloom in the Spring/Early Summer and can be safely shaped immediately following…but not past July.

There are a few exceptions to the Bigleaf group. Probably the most popular variety is called Endless Summer™ (pictured above). This lovely creature continues to bloom all season long when spent flowers are removed (deadheaded). These specialized varieties will regenerate bloom buds which are damaged or removed. In addition, Endless Summer™ will provide you with pink OR blue blooms depending on how acidic your soil is. A neutral soil will create a more violet color of bloom.  They truly are stunning.

THEN there is the group of Hydrangea which bloom on NEW wood.  H. paniculata (no pruning in Summer) and H. arborescens (no pruning in Spring) fall into this category.
It is not necessary to prune the H. paniculata type every year, but you WILL want to prune the H. arborescens (‘Annabelle’ is a popular variety) in late Fall or Winter down to about 18-24″ (taking them closer to the ground produces weaker stems).  Be on the lookout for Invincibelle™ Spirit…the first PINK H. arborescens…she is remarkable!

There are many new, gorgeous varieties of H. paniculata AND most of them can handle quite a bit of direct sun.  Look for varieties such as Pinky Winky®, Quick Fire® or Bobo® to jazz up your landscape beds.

As always, if you have other questions, feel free to drop me a line!

Enjoy your new found favorite plants!

The Garden that is Finished is Dead

Join Us! Pumpkin Patch 2013!

The summer may have had a relatively brief dry spell, but all-in-all we didn’t have very much to complain about.  The past few mornings have felt almost brisk, Fall is definitely in the air!

Cooler weather sets the stage for one of our favorite times of year…Pumpkin Patch Festival!  We welcome all of you to come join us in our October celebration.  Pumpkin Patch 2013 will take place each weekend in October. Please visit our Facebook Page or our Events page for details.
We have added several new attractions to the line-up this year.  Our favorites will, of course, be continued this year.  Cowgirl Kate and Witch Hazel will, once again, be appearing at our Greenhouse in Martin City, as well as, our Roe location to entertain us and create free balloon animals.  Please visit our Events page to view her schedule for this year. The scheduled appearances and activities will be posted soon! We look forward to seeing you!
“Cowgirl Kate has been entertaining audiences young and old in the Midwest region for over a decade. She specializes in creative Balloon Art Twisting. Cowgirl Kate’s performance is interspersed with impromptu comedy and vernacular phrases from times past. Cowgirl Kate is perfect for getting your party started with her energy and expertise!” ~ Cowgirl Kate
(Witch Hazel visits our stores when Halloween is near.  She is not to be missed!)
Fall Workshops
Additionally, we would like to invite you to attend our Fall Workshops which will be held at our Greenhouse in Martin City (135th and Wornall).

These FREE events are a great way to learn some hints and tips while creating a few “masterpieces” for your seasonal display!

Bring your own pot, or choose from our huge selection! Spencer will offer a myriad of ideas to make your Fall Containers fantastically unique. 

You will receive guidance and time to make plant choices and assistance with construction of your masterpieces.
Fun for ALL ages and FREE with your Pumpkin purchase! No Carve Decoration allows your pumpkins to easily be used indoors or out and they last much longer, too!
We will provide some basic supplies but you are encouraged to bring fabric scraps, buttons, glitter or anything else you would like to use on your pumpkins. We will demonstrate a few different styles of decoration and assist you with the process!

For more details and to sign up,
call Customer Service at 816-942-2921.


Our Fall Tree Sale is going on NOW!
Maples and Oaks and Willows, OH MY!
Looking forward to seeing you there!  Don’t forget to bring the kiddos!
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2013 June Bloom Symposium – Pink Zazzle!

Recently, I attended the Proven Winners® / EuroAmerican Symposium which was hosted by the Grand Tradition Estate and Gardens in Fallbrook, CA which is an official signature garden for Proven Winners® plants. 
This fantastic gathering of growers, retailers and other professionals come together to learn about, discuss and drool over highly anticipated new plants.  It is like a little slice of Heaven to a plant geek like me!
I wanted to share some highlights from the event with you and invite you to join us on Facebook where you will find more gorgeous pictures and helpful steps to garden success! When you see a plant you would like to try, please click like under the image. The more likes a plant receives, the better chance it will have in finding its way to our stores!  We are ALWAYS open to and appreciate your feedback!

The plant that received the most attention at the Symposium was Gomphrena ‘Pink Zazzle’. This is not your ordinary, everyday annual! This attention hog has large, hot pink/fuschia blooms atop succulent-like fuzzy foliage. Ka-POW!! What a WINNER!
The majority of our plants are grown locally, by us, at our off-site farms.  Each and every plant is scrutinized before being shipped to our stores.  Proven Winners® provides us with exceptional plant material for our experts to cultivate with a personal touch in preparation for YOUR garden beds, veggie gardens and annual landscapes/pots.  

These lovely plants have been fully acclimated to our local weather conditions and are ripe for planting.  From annuals to trees, we grow it all! Garden success is obtainable with us!

All along the pathways within the glorious Grand Tradition Estate and GardensProven Winners® plants were always within our sight,  

blanketing the ground.
It truly was a sight to behold! 
The annual that made the biggest statement was definitely the Supertunia®!!  These quick-spreading, self-cleaning lovelies will blanket the ground in as little as 4 weeks!  It is recommended that they be installed with a slow release fertilizer designed for annual flowers to insure they have plenty of food all season long.
The variety surrounding this waterfall/pond is called ‘Vista Fuchsia’ and certainly stops you in your tracks!  Supertunia®s are available in nearly every color imaginable which makes the possibilities seem endless!  Try them! Go ahead and “Supertunia” your garden beds! 
You will love them!
Suburban Lawn & Garden
would love to know your thoughts about all of the gorgeous plants and 
flowers we had the pleasure
of becoming acquainted with at this fantastic symposium.
If you get a chance,please stop off at our Facebook page Like us on Facebook to view the entire album of colorful inspiration!  This album of beautiful pictures will be monitored closely for upcoming trends.
Thank you all so much!
You DO NOT want to miss out on this new app!  It has flown to the top of the rankings in many areas and is nearly invaluable in your gardening adventures.  From plant identification to design assistance, this app will make gardening easy and FUN!! Currently it is only available for iPhone and iPad (Android and other platforms will be coming later this year), but it is FREE and now is the time to take advantage of it!  Believe it or not, your inquiries via the Garden Compass are answered by actual experts across the globe.  It truly is a remarkable undertaking and I hope you try it out!  Visit the iTunes store to discover more information and read reviews. Enjoy and please let us know how you like it!The Garden that is Finished is Dead

Practicing Patience with Perennials

We all love our annual flowers, reliably producing a glorious display all season long.  They are perfect for containers or filling in areas of the garden beds.  While annuals truly are amazing, don’t discount the predictable perennial plant.  You can easily create a dynamic display of color and texture by positioning your plants according to bloom time.

The majority of perennials will bloom during a specific amount of time during a specific part of the season.  Knowing which plants bloom when will assist you in creating your plan.  In addition, choose perennials that will stay in place and don’t “walk” around (via seeds or runners).  Using ever-blooming shrubs like a selection from the new Easy Elegance® Collection of roses as a backdrop for your perennial display for added wow factor.  Filling in and blending your “masterpiece” with foliage plants such as Heuchera will guarantee visual interest all season long.

Suburban Lawn & Garden grows the majority of our own Perennials for you.  These plants have been started right here, in our zone, ready to enter your garden without a fuss.  There is a general rule, however, which applies to nearly all perennials.  When first introduced into your garden, they like to “check things out”, dip their “toes” in and get comfy.  In doing so, you may not see an exciting amount of activity from them.  We like to refer to this as “sleeping”.  The following year, they tend to “venture out a bit”, peeking around the corners, becoming introduced to their neighbors…basically getting better acquainted with their environment. We refer to this as their second year “creeping” stage.  The following year, stand back!  If you have found an acceptable spot for your perennials, they will explode with growth and color!  They “leap” to their full potential.  Time to sit back and enjoy your handiwork…

Our stores are FULL of perennials for every spot in your garden.  Don’t be afraid to add them to your containers as fillers, too.  You can enjoy them all season, then install them in your garden beds in the Fall.  Enjoy your new-found passion for Perennials!The Garden that is Finished is Dead