A functioning irrigation system is an important part of keeping a healthy lawn and landscape. An irregular sprinkler head can cause brown patches in some areas. A system that isn’t pressurized correctly can waste your water and your money. You can be sure that our professionals will make sure your system is working properly.  We’ll start-up and winterize your system so you don’t have to worry about it.

Start Up Winterization
Ensure main water supply is on
Prime the mainline
Verify operation at each zone
Adjust for head-to-head coverage
Check for leaks
Clear growth from around each head
Test controller operation
Calibrate run time for spring conditions
Check rain sensor operation
Identify needed repairs
Blowout of Heads
Blowout of Rotors
Blowout of Valves & Lines

A leading factor in determining the lifespan of your irrigation equipment is the winterization service performed by our professionals. The winterization visit includes blowout of heads, rotors, valves and lines before freezing temperatures set in.

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