Gracious Groundcover

It may be a great solution for that difficult space in your landscape- where you’d like a different option. Choose a variety that will do well in your sun and moisture conditions. Ground cover can solve problems, but be patient. There’s an old adage about them: “the first year they sleep. The second year they creep. The third year they leap.”

Summer 2020 Rose Sale: 6/13/2020 – 8/24/2020

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Aquapots® by Proven Winners®

Designed by Michael Carr, Aquapots® come in a variety of sizes and colors and deliver

the convenience of a self-watering pot with no risk of over-watering.

Available now at our Martin City and Lenexa locations!

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Think Green

August is a good time to seed your lawn to thicken up thin spots for a greener lawn this fall using Suburban’s newest, weed-free varieties of seed.

  • Bulldog Fescue/Rye Blend
  • Prairie Pride Fescue
  • Suburban Shade Mix
  • Premier Bluegrass

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Hardscape Specials