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You’ll find a selection of trees (up to 50% off!) at our Martin City and Lenexa stores.  A selection of shrubs (up to 35% off) are available at all locations.

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We found some great deals when we were preparing for Spring. We’re passing those savings on to you!

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Monarch Mariposa Project

Suburban is proud to partner with the Monarch Mariposa Project!  When you purchase any Monarch Mariposa (Butterfly) Plants, Suburban will donate 50% of the proceeds to conserve the much-needed Oyamel trees in Mexico.

When you purchase any of these Monarch Mariposa Plants, Suburban will donate 50% of the proceeds toward the planting of Oyamel Fir saplings in Michoacan, Mexico. Click Here to learn more about the Monarch Butterfly 60,000 Tree Challenge and Here to view the timeline for the project.

Don’t have room in your garden for any more plants, but still want to support the Monarchs? Click on the link below, and directly fund Monarch Mariposa’s purchase of Oyamel Fir Saplings. ($10 buys 21 Oyamel saplings)

Monarch Mariposa is a collaboration between Suburban Lawn & Garden, Kansas City Southern, and the Rotary Clubs of Kansas City and Monterrey, Mexico.

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