Nature’s Backyard

Your Home Habitat- Create a pollinator habitat in your garden. Butterflies, moths, bees, beetles, and birds are crucial to preserving biodiversity.

The Majority of Earth’s flower and food plants need pollinators to produce/ Healthy yards + Healthy eco-system!

Learn more about native plants Here.

Ceramic Fountains

Add interest with sound, movement, and color all in an easy-to-place ceramic fountain. Plenty of varieties and colors to choose from.

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Landscape Rock

Huge selection for your summer projects. Local Delivery Available.

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We Buy Ugly Hoses

Bring in any garden hose, 25′ or longer, and receive a $5 gift card of 25% off any new hose! *No Limit.


The annual Rose Sale is going on NOW through 8/29/2021

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When you purchase any of these Monarch Mariposa Plants, Suburban will donate 50% of the proceeds toward the planting of Oyamel Fir saplings in Michoacan, Mexico.

Don’t have room in your garden for any more plants, but you still want to support the Monarchs? *Click on the donation tabs below, and directly fund Monarch Mariposa’s purchase of Oyamel Fir Saplings. ($10 buys 21 Oyamel saplings)

Monarch Mariposa is a collaboration between Suburban Lawn & Garden, Kansas City Southern, and the Rotary Clubs of Kansas City and Monterrey, Mexico.

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