For Any Gardener

5 under 10 trowels

Hand Tools

Shovels, cultivators, root-extractors.

Wooden or Comfort-grip handles

Starting at 4.99

5 under 10-4 Snips

Floral/Garden snips

On sale for 4.99 (reg: 9.99)

Stainless steel, comfort grip.

Features closure lock

Pretty Gloves

Our Best Selling lightweight Garden glove

Available in multiple sizes (Sm, Med, Lg) and colors. (Blue, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, and pink)

Nitrite grip on palm-side of hand.

Breathable elastic fabric on reverse.

(So many succulents are priced under $10, including this Echiveria)


General-purpose fertilizers

Every plant needs more than just water to survive, so whether your recipient grows houseplants, a veggie garden, or flower beds, plant food is a must-have.

Water soluble, time-release granular, or concentrate capsules.

Starting at $4.99

5 under 10-8 Watering Stake

Self-watering plastic bottle stake

Transform almost any plastic bottle from trash into a water reservoir for plants. Our Plant Nanny stake includes a screw top adapter, fitting washer, and terra-cotta moisture-conducting stake. (Plastic bottle not included)


(The terra cotta pot pictured is also under $10!)

5 under 10-3 Wildflower Mix

Butterfly & Hummingbird wildflower seed mix

Features a mix of annual and perennial flowers and includes fertilizers to ensure a healthy start to emerging seedlings. Covers up to 200sq ft.

On sale for $7.99



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