Looking Forward to 2015!

A few sneak peeks of fabulous new additions that are coming your way soon!
This is just a sampling…which is your favorite?


Don’t be fooled by the name…Aralia ‘Sun King’ thrives in the SHADE! Woo Hoo! A bright and cheery addition for any shade garden. This is one that I am very anxious to get my hands on!

Clematis is a favorite choice for covering fences or other light-weight structures. ‘Diamond Ball’ is exceptionally beautiful!


‘Curly Fries’ Hosta…so cute, you may want to showcase this one in a container!

EuphorbiaAscotRainbowThe colors in ‘Ascot Rainbow’ Euphorbia will add a bit of drama to any sunny garden!


We all love New Guinea Impatiens, now they have RUFFLES! What could be better?!

supertunia_limoncello_mono‘Limoncello’ Supertunias! Imagine a groundcover, because that is what you will have!


A breakthough in Salvia color! This perennial will brighten any sunny garden and compliment other bloomers beautifully!
The Garden that is Finished is Dead

Our Christmas Store is Open!

These gorgeous beauties have flooded our Martin City and Overland Park Garden Centers. Our Poinsettias are LEGENDARY, from 4″ accents to the popular “demands your attention” size. We offer these well-cared-for and top-quality plants at the best prices around town. You will love them!

Fresh Christmas Trees (both Fraser and Noble Firs) will be on display to make your Treesselection process that much easier. When purchasing your tree from Suburban Lawn & Garden, you will receive “full service” treatment. We will re-sleeve the tree, cut the trunk, assist you with readying it for travel AND after the Holidays are over, simply bring it to our Yardwaste/Recycling Center for FREE disposal (don’t forget your receipt). Please make sure that all ornaments and other artificial materials are removed from the tree.

Most might think that Trees and Poinsettias are all we have to offer this time of the year. Actually, we have so MUCH MORE! Our buyer works very hard to acquire some of the most unique and well-made decor for the tree, AND your home. Here is a sampling:

Visit our Facebook Page to view our Christmas 2014 Album…it is updated regularly for you!

Now Available! Fresh greenery has arrived! You can place your orders NOW!

Don’t forget that we create custom Fresh Evergreen Arrangements. Have a theme in mind? Color preferences? Your own special container? We will create stunning centerpieces, outdoor pot-fillers, hostess gifts, etc. Stop in and have a chat with our design consultant. We are ready to assemble the PERFECT pieces for your home.

The Garden that is Finished is Dead

Storing Tender Bulbs

GladsWPTender Summer-blooming bulbs are some of the brightest, flowers to enjoy. Of course, this beauty comes with a small “fee”…we must provide a comfortable place for them to rest during the Winter. These bulbs would turn to mush if allowed to freeze: Gladiolus, Cannas, Elephant Ears, Dahlias and others.

In lieu of buying new each Spring, you can dig and store the bulbs/rhizomes to enjoy them again and again. You will find that they are so easy to take care of, you must add to your collection each year and give offsets to your friends. They will LOVE you for that! Essentially, the storage practice is the same for most bulbs and rhizomes. Gardener have developed their own ideas of what method works best for them. Check out the Tender Bulb Storage playlist on our YouTube Channel for various means of safe storage.

Many gardeners prefer to use peat moss as their primary storage media. I AGREE! Sphagnum Peat Moss (available in a compressed bale) keeps the bulbs very protected, separated, dark and dry while allowing them to retain their internal moisture. My favorite method is to insert a plastic bag into a Banker Box (cardboard file storage box with a removable lid). BankerBoxI line the bottom of the bag in the box with Peat Moss, add a layer of freshly dug, prepared and dry bulbs, then another layer of Peat Moss. I continue this process (not allowing any of the bulbs to touch) until the box is full. This method keeps the bulbs very organized. At this time, I either fold the top of the bag over and cover with the lid, or leave the sides of the bag over the box edges and place the lid on. The reason I use a plastic bag to line the box is because it will be stored in either a basement or garage (that doesn’t freeze) and I would prefer to not have insects or other critters residing in the Peat over the Winter.

When you watch the videos, you will find that there are many opinions about how to go about storing. THREE points I would like to make:

•  I prefer to dig the bulbs and then lay them out on newspaper in a protected, dry area until the foliage dries up, then cut it off.

•  For easier excavation in the Fall, add excessive amounts of organic material such as Pine Bark Soil Conditioner, Organic Soil Conditioner or Cotton Bur Compost when installing them in the Spring. The soil will be perfect for maximum performance of your plants AND it will be easy to remove them when needed.

•  It is not necessary to remove all of the garden soil. If, however, you are removing them when the ground is slightly muddy, you will need to hose them off and allow them to dry thoroughly before storing.

One final tip, be sure to bring them out in early Spring (you can even jump-start them indoors in containers) so they will begin to break dormancy.
The Garden that is Finished is Dead