Unusual “Pots”

So what do old logs, a worn out pair of boots, machinery parts, watering cans  and wicker baskets have in common? They all make GREAT pots for your flowers.   I LOVE terra cotta and ceramic pots, there are so many choices and some can truly be a centerpiece in your landscape design.  If you are wanting to try something unusual in your garden, think “used” and non-traditional.  Garage sales and flea markets might be full of unusual items.  Anything with holes or pockets or bowl shaped recesses will work.  Coco liner or sheet moss can be used to line any item with too much openness.  Creating drain holes would be important and you should definitely insure that the container will drain properly.

OK….I know what you are thinking….old bathtubs, sinks, boots, etc…and well, yes, those items would work and you should go for it if you so desire.  I am more interested in the “unrecognizable” items which can serve well.  Also, for a fun touch, try planting some flowers in a woven tote bag (we all seem to have these lying around).  Old watering cans make fantastic pots, just make sure to create drainage holes in the bottom.  Old teapots, water jugs, barrels etc….they all make great containers.  If you are lucky, you will happen upon something very interesting to use as a conversation piece in your garden. You might find an old guitar, child’s toy, antique ceramic pipe, interesting pottery or a number of other things which will inspire you.


In this “green” day and age, it is becoming very accepted to recycle and reuse a number of different items.  We can all help the planet a little by reusing items in our gardens. Keep in mind:



 The Garden that is Finished is Dead

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