Spring Colors for 2012!

Spring has sprung!

I don’t think any resident of the midwest can say that Spring “sneaked up on them”.  I can’t remember a winter similar to the one we just had and I certainly hope it is not an indicator of our summer to come.  Even while the temperatures were spring-like, the landscape was still drab and dull…quite depressing, really.  At least when there is snow on the ground the ugliness is hidden.  One thing is certain, it is time to start thinking about our spring color!  My favorite thing about Spring is that our yards become full of life and beauty once again.

This year, unlike many in the past, is sporting primarily nature based tones for the color palette.  This selection changes every year and sets the tone for fashion, home decor, etc. Inevitably, it carries over to include our seasonal splashes of pizazz infused into our outdoor living spaces.  If you are unfamiliar with the 2012 choices, here they are!

This palette of lovely colors is derived from plants, stones and gems found in nature.  Selecting our flowers, pots and other outdoor accessories will be so much easier.  Use a few or all of the colors in your arrangements.  I considered each of the samples from the top row to create a montage of possible flower combinations.  Amazingly, it was very easy to find multiple selections for each.  A combination of any of these flowers will look stunning in your pots or annual beds.

Flower color will satisfy the bright tones for this year, but you can also consider foliage plants to complete your arrangements.  Several plants, such as Coleus, come in a wide range of color and can easily be used in pots or beds.  Another option which you may not have considered is mixing Tropical plants or succulents into your annual pots.  Many tropical/houseplants appreciate quite a bit of sunshine, but others will be suitable for the north or east side.

Succulents are an excellent choice for sunny locations.  There are many wonderful and interesting shapes and sizes of these tough plants.  While they tend to get overlooked because they are in the Tropical section of our store, be sure to veer off the beaten annual path to take a look.  You would be surprised how well they can tie an arrangement together.  If you need help arranging your plants, refer to a blog I wrote last year: “The Perfect Annual Pot”.

Once you have chosen all of your flowers, you will want to consider the pots and complimenting statuary.   There are three blue hues to consider and while these colors do occur in nature (soladite gemstones, etc) it would be very difficult to find a plant which even came close.  Blue glazed pots, however, are very easy to find.  Surprisingly, a mixture of the different 2012 shades of blue seem to work quite nicely.  Solitary “feature” pots would work just as well.  

The possibilities are endless and the color selection is fantastic.  I predict this will be a fun year to decorate our seasonal spaces.  If you have not become a fan of our Facebook Page, we would love for you to.  We plan to offer rewards exclusive to our Facebook fans. In addition, sharing photographs of your completed pots would be welcomed!

As the danger of frost is nearly over, the time when when we can have beautiful yards and gardens is just around the corner.  I can’t wait!!  Hopefully you are just as pleased with the color palette for 2012 as I am, use all of them or just a few. Either way, have fun getting your hands dirty!

The Garden that is Finished is Dead

3 thoughts on “Spring Colors for 2012!

  1. Wonderful Blog!!! I can’t wait to get out in the dirt this year!
    I have a bed around a patio on the east side I was looking to plant this year – pretty shady. Anything new I could try out??? I would really love to have some color back there!!!

    • Thank you!
      There are several plants you could try. We have a new Hosta called “Fire Island” which has gold leaves with red stems which will provide quite a bit of color. There are many more plants you can choose from…they will be pouring in the doors very soon!

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