Fall is Approaching…Are YOU Ready?

We are quickly getting ready for Fall. Gorgeous color and cooler weather will be welcomed by many of us. It is time to update your containers and install some trees and shrubs. You will be glad you did!


While you are here, grab some Milkweed for our Monarch friends. They need all the help they can get! It does appear as though we are making a difference. We have quite a bit left (we grew extras!), so pick up a few for your friends and neighbors, too.
Monarchs require Milkweed to procreate. They will not lay their eggs on any other plant. Providing a buffet of assorted nectar plants will also help lure them in.

MilkweedAlso, our MUMs are HERE! They are not blooming yet, but are full of buds! Get your favorite colors before they disappear! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for new variety announcements.


Finally, our awesome shrub sale will be going on through¬†August 30. Now is a GREAT time to install trees and shrubs (as well as, perennials). Don’t miss some of these fantastic deals! See you soon!!

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Looking Forward to 2015!

A few sneak peeks of fabulous new additions that are coming your way soon!
This is just a sampling…which is your favorite?


Don’t be fooled by the name…Aralia ‘Sun King’ thrives in the SHADE! Woo Hoo! A bright and cheery addition for any shade garden. This is one that I am very anxious to get my hands on!

Clematis is a favorite choice for covering fences or other light-weight structures. ‘Diamond Ball’ is exceptionally beautiful!


‘Curly Fries’ Hosta…so cute, you may want to showcase this one in a container!

EuphorbiaAscotRainbowThe colors in ‘Ascot Rainbow’ Euphorbia will add a bit of drama to any sunny garden!


We all love New Guinea Impatiens, now they have RUFFLES! What could be better?!

supertunia_limoncello_mono‘Limoncello’ Supertunias! Imagine a groundcover, because that is what you will have!


A breakthough in Salvia color! This perennial will brighten any sunny garden and compliment other bloomers beautifully!
The Garden that is Finished is Dead