6/25/2020 Update: Employee Mask Policy

Due to the rising COVID-19 numbers in the Kansas City Area, Suburban Lawn & Garden is now requiring all Point of Sale staff (i.e. loading staff, cashiers, greeters) at our three locations to wear face-coverings while they are helping with customers. Since we are in the peak of the high-temperature season, our staff that works outdoors or tending to the plants/merchandise in the greenhouses are highly encouraged but not required to wear face coverings due to the high-risk of heat exhaustion.

Our services branch work exclusively outdoors and are not required to wear any face coverings as they remain a reasonable distance away from other staff/guests. We encourage guests to also wear face coverings if possible and to respectfully stay the CDC recommended 6 feet away from any employee that is assisting guests or working around the greenhouse/outdoors.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter to assist in keeping our staff and guests safe.

Thank you,

Suburban Lawn & Garden

6/01/2020 Update: Roe Store Reopen

As of June 1st, 2020 our Roe location is now open to the public. We ask that guests observe social distancing (see the update below). We look forward to seeing you again!

6/01/2020 Update: Social Distancing Measures


Suburban greenhouse stores have one door for entrance, another for the exit.  The glass structure allows for plentiful sunlight.  Doors and the entire roof remain open for air movement. Many of the staff are wearing 6′ social distance reminder tags and masks.  Register lines are spaced so customers may distance, and there are floor labels to help customers keep spacing.  (When we see customers close together, we have to remember that they are probably in the same family.)  Many customers go outside to shop acres of nursery stock. Wipes are provided for cart handles.  Entrances are monitored so that stores do not exceed the ability of customers to distance.  Lines of customers waiting to get into the store form out front when this is in danger of happening.

4/17/2020 Update: Parking and Limited Shoppers Per Household

Parking is limited on weekends. Please- only two shoppers per car. Please continue to leave pets at home. There may be lines at the door when the store is in danger of exceeding Covid-19 Occupancy limits. We are very short-staffed, and all of us are very appreciative of your patience.

04/02/2020 Update: Social Distancing and Dogs

We are sorry! Pets in our stores are making it hard for us to keep social distance guidelines. So please don’t bring in your pets until Covid-19 is over. (Service dogs are okay of course.) We will miss your furry friends! Than you for your cooperation.

03/20/2020 Update: Delivery, Online ordering, and Curbside Pickup Available.

Our guests, staff, family, and friends are our biggest priority here at Suburban Lawn & Garden. To help lift spirits in this unique time, Suburban is dedicated to continuing our services and adapt to keep our guests and staff as safe as possible.

Our Martin City and Lenexa locations are large greenhouses with plenty of fresh air and outdoor acres to explore. We ask the public to please take safety precautions of staying 6 feet apart from staff and other guests and to not visit our stores if feeling ill.

If you haven’t checked out our website yet, feel free to browse! We have everything from trees, shrubs, tropical house plants, containers, lawn care products, and more! We offer delivery on most items to local zip codes in the Kansas City Metro area (excluding Sundays & holidays.) If you have any questions or need any lawn & garden advice, our staff will gladly assist over the phone during store hours.

Whether you order online or over the phone, Suburban will continue to offer in-store pickup to eliminate extra time at the checkouts, now with a no-touch paying process. Curbside pickup is also available as an addition to our services at this time.

Until we know it is safe for our guests and staff, we will be postponing any classes or events. Check out our social media for tips to keep busy at home or in your garden! @suburbanlg on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Thank you,

Suburban Lawn & Garden